31 May 2012

Sea of Bookmarks, No More

By Marci Cohen and Ellen Witt

For most of us, it’s a regular occurrence to happen onto something on the Internet that captures our attention – maybe it’s a new blog, a news article or even just a recipe. So, what do we do? Most likely, one of two things:

  1. Bookmark it, or
  2. Come to terms with the fact that we know we will never see it again with the understanding and certainty that tomorrow, we will likely see something as good or better.

Today we are knee deep in the Internet age, and there is A LOT of interesting information out there. That link to your favorite new light fixture has already been lost in your sea of bookmarks. But have no fear – someone has to come in to save the day and solve the problem.

Pinterest is finally THE social networking site that allows us to compile images of thoughts, ideas and links from all over the place, into one place – It’s a photographic filing system. It is THE tool to help organize everything from products to recipes, art, thoughts, quotes, fashion and pretty much anything else you can imagine … in picture format. These images can come from any website out there, or even from your own camera. And as usual when it comes to social networking sites, your friends (and non-friends) can follow you and get a glimpse of the things you love.

From a legal perspective, Pinterest has charted into unique territory. When it comes to copyright laws, usage rights and photography licensing, it gets interesting. If you’re not in the design, art or photography world, you might not realize this … But, since when has it ever been OK to take someone else’s photography, art or work and post it to your own page, possibly even as your own? Well, now it’s looking like it’s pretty much OK whether the “rule” list suggests it or not. Legislation these days is rapidly changing with the evolution of the Internet and new technology. It is obvious that Pinterest will be opening an array of new doors for change.

As far as SeeMeDesign goes, we were a little reluctant to join yet another social networking site. But what do they say … “reluctancy killed the cat”… ? So, there you go. Go ahead and find us. Follow us. We have to admit, there is some merit to this concept. It is a tad-bit cool.

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