It has been our luck to work with an amazing group of clients who inspire us every day. At SeeMeDesign, we specialize in graphic design and brand strategy design, development and deployment for businesses of all sorts. We are known for our creative concepts and approaches to both new and old ideas, working with small to mid-size businesses, corporations, non-profits and even neighborhood associations, cities and communities.

When it comes to graphics, we do it all. Our process is customized to each unique client. We study your business, your model and your market. From there, we work as a team with you to develop pieces that suit your needs and maximize your potential. Our process is genuine. We care. We get to know you and your environment, consider the psychology behind your clients, and then we build. To date our projects have ranged from logos, branding identity and packaging to ad campaigns, websites, invitations, HTML emails, promotional items, interior art and more. If we haven’t done it, we always welcome a good challenge. This is a sample link. This is a sample rolled over link.

Our work has been spotted as close to a few blocks from our Atlanta studio to as far as the Canada, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, and it has also been featured and published in a series of books and magazines.