22 Jul 2010

SeeMeDesign Does Sports

Take a look at some of our latest work. With all the branding work that we’ve done in fashion, health, organics and the arts… sports branding is a first, and it’s been a very exciting challenge!

iSportsFanAddict is on its way to becoming one of the best sports blogs out there. They will be focusing on the big American favorites as well as introducing the world to more alternative sports. So, get ready guys. This one is gonna be good!


Check them out, and look out for some exciting changes!


17 Jun 2010

The beginning of a New Era

The beginning is here. SeeMeDesign.com is finally more than just an intro animation and portfolio link. It is much much more, and we are very excited about all the changes.

Welcome to Designwise — our blog about wise and witty design. Look forward to reading and seeing what we’re up to here, what we love that everyone else is up to and design tips and tricks.

We’re just getting started, so get ready for an exciting new blog with all sorts of scrumptious posts.

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