19 Oct 2011

Angels on Earth Logo


Angels on Earth is an organization built with the sole mission of supporting cancer fighters and survivors through education, moral, emotional and financial support. We were lucky enough to be asked to design their logo.

16 Oct 2011

super goober day



Check out the poster design we’ve done for Serenbe Farms. Celebrate peanuts instead of pumpkins this year at their pre-Halloween festivities.

11 Oct 2011

Morton Salt

Who doesn’t love a little salted sweet, and who wouldn’t want the opportunity to work on one of the known and favorite brands of the world? This was a part of conceptual design project presented to Morton Salt for their employee benefits brand.

27 Jul 2011

Getting Sustainable

Today was the launch date for the Sustainable Community Partners website. Sustainable Community Partners is a forward thinking company based out of Serenbe built on the effort to promote and create sustainable communities all over the world. We’ve been working with SCP to slowly brand their business, starting with their logo and printed brochure and moving onwards to building the beginning of their online presence. Take a look at what we’ve done at sustainablecommunitypartners.com.

23 Feb 2011

The fun of it all.

We just finished up with a great little body waxing promo for Aviary Organic Beauty Collective. The headline reads “I like mustaches… but not on chicks.” You can’t get much more fun than that. We do love our clients.

We’ve also added a new logo for ORT America’s Honey from the Heart project. This is an Atlanta-based project that was started years ago by Terry Schwartz as a small fundraiser. Little did she know, this little project turned big enough to net $60,000 last year. And now with this year’s new logo package and web design, hopefully it will net even more. Congratulations, Terry and ORT Atlanta!

Take a look these latest pieces @work.


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