Our clients have been known to call us happiness consultants. What we really do – creative strategy, art direction, brand identity and graphic design. We work with people who live for their passions and follow their dreams. Our goal is to help turn those dreams into realities. We are not magicians or miracle workers.

We design brands.

At SeeMeDesign, we believe love is at the root of all good business. It speaks in a way that simple goods and services cannot. It envelops products with sincerity, care and distinction, ultimately expressing why companies open their doors each and every day. It also explains why we come into work and brings us to the core of our being — LOVE  WORK  PAUSE  PLAY  REPEAT.

Love drives all living and working forces.
It is at the root of all success.

Businesses that do what they love, do it well. Through our branding process, we first try to recognize the driving force (the love) of our clients. From there, we shine light on the heart and soul of the business and find a way to express their craft with true authenticity. We approach this work as creatives, as problem solvers and as fellow entrepreneurs. We explore your drive, motivation and place in the world before creating a brand that serves as a bridge to potential customers.

THE RESULT: A well-considered statement that invites people from around the corner and across the globe to experience something truly great.

I have been working with SeeMeDesign since their inception and couldn't be more pleased with my experience. Not only has communication been seamless and consistent throughout the years, bu they have always nailed my design visions. And best, WE ALWAYS get compliments on the work, which has helped push our brand to new levels.
Jenna Shulman CEO | Jewish Educational Loan Fund
It has been a privilege and pleasure working with SeeMeDesign on behalf of Wellness Within Your Walls! The team has excelled at every creative task that has been assigned. Their creative work is excellent, effective and efficient.
S. Robert August Board of Directors | Wellness Within Your Walls + Owner | North Star Synergies, Inc.
SeeMeDesign brings a rare and refreshing combination of business savvy, client focus and inspired design. They appreciate the value of partnership, and deliver something fresh and unexpected regardless of the constraints.
BETSY THOMPSON Sparksgrove | Marketing Consultant
WE DID IT!! My packaging labels look great! I love SeeMeDesign. This is a really big deal for me. Getting over my fears and starting again . . . HUGE! It's like riding a bike, falling down, breaking your leg and being afraid to ride again. But then you meet this person who helps you ride again by holding onto the back of your bike, helping you hold onto your vision, until you are soaring. Thank you!
Tonya Goff Owner + Creator | Sacred Roots Remedies
What I appreciate most about SeeMeDesign is that they really believe in their clients. They go the extra mile to provide wonderful insights on how to create the best user experience for your specific business.
Liz Jin Owner + Producer + Motivational Thinker | Unbury That Badass
I’ve found a kindred spirit and trusted brand advisor who is able to bring my dreams to life! When SeeMeDesign shared our latest designed materials, I was ecstatic, finally seeing my vision come to life.
Elaine Dinos Founder | Kindred Lane, LLC
Our company had a very complex design challenge with the Chief Technology Office of a large healthcare company. We had 5 days to create and present designs for their Intranet cluster. On day 4 of 5, the client responded with an entirely new set of variables to consider. SeeMeDesign took all curve balls like they were food for innovation. The client received the resulting design and strategy, though bold and significantly in front of their vision, with a renewed excitement about their project and high praise for design. We love SeeMeDesign’s thoughtful and innovative approach to problem-solving through design.
Sene Sorrow VP Production + Quality Assurance | Sparksgrove

Our History

SeeMeDesign began as a college graduate’s design portfolio. Over a period of eight years, the intention behind the site morphed from there to a few freelance projects and finally, a full-fledged design group that serves over 150 clients worldwide.

Founded by Ellen Witt Monen on the belief that when you do something you love, you will do it well, this holds true for both our work and that of our clients. Our clients are living for their passions and creating their dreams. We have have been opportunity to help turn those dreams into reality over again, and we are honored to do so each and every day.