13 Apr 2020

Free Letterpress Love

Who wants in on a little love-spreading action?

A few years ago, we created letterpress love tear sheets. Recently, some friends sent us pictures of how they are still using them today. That’s when we realized the world needs more of this.

For what? To tear off and pass along to friends, drop in the mail with your packages to your suddenly-distant coworkers, leave at front doors, hide in pockets of a special someone’s or just drop in a secret spot where you might find for yourself next month or even next year. There is so much joy in the act of both giving and receiving.

Let us know if you’d like to be a part of our little love movement. Email your address(es), and we will snail mail some free letterpress love your way. No strings attached.

Spread the word. Heal the world.

19 Mar 2020

Coloring Sheets Download

You’re in isolation. You don’t have kids to home school, and you have never known time to be quite so plentiful as it is now. You are ready for the world to move along. You have called your mom/dad / best friend/grandmother / other best friend / that friend you don’t even really like… each 10 times today. You are tired of yoga and meditation, although you know if there’s any chance you might finally get it, the time is now. So you sit. And sit. And sit some more. Until now when you walk over to your computer, hit download and print ADULT COLORING SHEETS, made by yours truly.

Coloring is known to be a therapeutic activity and now is your chance to give it a go. Go ahead. Download the sheets, and let your creativity run wild.

04 Feb 2020

Featured in VoyageATL

Guess who was JUST FEATURED in VoyageAtl! Read the story of how SeeMeDesign came to be and the life and times of Ellen Monen. Take a peek at the whole interview. A big thank you to VoyageAtl and to all of our friends, family and clients who have helped us make it to where we are today.

11 Oct 2019

The Cobbler’s Kid Got Their Shoes

We’ve always said — just as the cobbler’s kid doesn’t have any shoes, we have struggled with the time to produce our own marketing materials. We are proud to say that the day has finally come when SeeMeDesign has a COMPLETE website that finally does our client work the justice it deserves. Thank you for being with us here and now to celebrate where we are today. We look forward to more creation together. Read More.
23 May 2017

Milk & Honey Brand Published Again

What do you do when a publisher reaches out to you to feature your work in their packaging design publication? You say — Yes — which is exactly what we did. We're happy to announce that our work for Milk and Honey has been published again and we're feeling so honored to be spotlighted among such inspiring designs from all over.Read More.
11 Jan 2016

Color and the Economy: A Study of Color Behavior and Economic Performance

It was a summer day in 2011. Neons were making a reemergence in the design world, and it was obvious on the streets, in the clothes and all around. I thought back to the 80s and chuckled on the inside. That’s when it struck me... It’s a fact that color affects our moods. Could it also affect the mood of an entire population and in turn, the economy? Would the happiness color brings to the lives of a collective group inspire them to do better, work harder or even produce and consume more? Could color trends directly correlate with the economy, and if so, which comes first – color or the economy? I wanted to know. Read More.