07 Aug 2013

Baking a Brand: Milk & Honey

Let’s be honest: Cake batter gelato and lavender lattes sell themselves. Without one bit of branding, Milk & Honey, a breakfast, lunch, craft coffee and gelato shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee, could sell their fantastic foods out of a cardboard box and people would still line up, money in hand. But about six months before they opened, the owners came to us in search of an identity—something to convey that their concept was local, high-quality, homemade and, most importantly, real. They offered

20 Jun 2013

You Can Wear Us

More swag just came in — who wants it? Tell us your favorite thing about us here on facebook and like us while you’re there. We’ll pick our favorites responses. Winners will get a free T as pictured below by the lovely ALEX. Feel free to butter us up a bit. For all the non-winners, t-shirts will be available for purchase soon.   love-work-shirt[1]
21 Mar 2013

The Illusion of Color

Written by Brittney Reeves Graphics by Hannah Boresow What is color? That seems like a simple enough question to answer, right? So go ahead, and try. Let me guess… you had trouble? Why is color so difficult to explain? It’s simple – color is nothing more than an illusion created inside our minds. The way we interpret color is an internal experience that cannot be shared with anyone else. As cool as it would be to put ourselves inside someone else’s mind and watch

04 Jan 2013

Milk & Honey at Community Pie

Curious what we’ve been busy with over the last many months? Well, there’s been a lot going on, but here’s a glimpse of one big and exciting project. Milk & Honey is a gelato, craft coffee and popsicle shop in the center of Chattanooga, TN. We designed this vintage logo concept to be used as the centerpiece for a wall at Community Pie, which will be the first restaurant to serve Milk & Honey gelato. We are also working with some incredible talent on

31 Dec 2012

Happily Ever After

This world could use a little more happiness, and we’ve decided to do something small to help contribute. Below is a picture of our letterpressed instruction card for how to live happily, 2013 and beyond. If you’d like a copy of your own, just go to our facebook page and hit the like button. Then send us a message including your mailing address through facebook or at info@seemedesign.com. We’ll drop one in the mail and send it right over! Spread the happiness. Share the

26 Dec 2012

Circus Arts Institute

By Marci Cohen It’s always exciting to see our clients succeed, and Carrie Heller, Founder of The Circus Arts Institute, has enjoyed many successes. So, of course we were excited when The Atlanta Journal and Constitution featured an article about Carrie and her Circus Arts Therapy® practice. Carrie is one of those few people who has been lucky enough to create a career doing what she loves. As a child she enjoyed circus arts as a hobby, and she continued practicing that hobby as